Definition: scope – The range of one’s perceptions, thoughts, or actions. [Free Dictionary]

This website is a library of resources on topics that are in scope for the author. As such the content is evolving, yet is loosely related to the following topics:

  • SAP related content: SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP TechEd, SAP Community Network (SCN)
  • cloud technologies & related
  • web 2.0: social media & networks, twitter, …
  • technology inventions & adoptation
  • IT trends
  • software development
  • gadgets

About me

I’m a software architect by trade, working as cloud platform evangelist for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.  On the private side of life I’m very fortunate to be a happily married husband and father of four (yeah, quite a handful!). Been a techie all my life who finds his zen in designing and coding. I love the creativity of programming and the social impact of web 2.0. Active promotor of community building and open source.

I dig traveling and enjoy the merits of global communication. Been skiing & snowboarding since early on. In my rare spare time you’ll most likely find me running, biking or swimming (= triathlet in training!) That’s me… besides other things.

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Twitter: @steinermatt


This is my personal site and only contains my personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute any official communication of SAP.