The facts, the facts and nothing but the facts! …that and a little bit of friendly batter and complementing chatter – including a few back-seat trolls! :)

All in all, the wolf pack is eager to pick up the challenge of demystifying the constant debate about whether or not light-weight RESTful service consumption is superior to Enterprise Services based on WS* standards. So, what started as a running joke (example) and a common punch line during TechEd and lately on Twitter (#RESTvsES) now resulted in a full-fledged public webinar featuring two heavy-weight contenders on the panel and a full-house of devoted supporters from the community in the back. From what we picked up, there seems to be a lot of interest in this controversial topic and as such we opted to do the needful … so mark your calendar!

What to expect?

While we won’t reveal all the nifty details just yet (gotta safe some element of surprise!) – here’s what you can expect: the panel will consist of DJ Adams and Michael Bechauf, both who are respected authorities in their respective fields and well-known faces from the community. They have a continuous record of educating the masses on the technologies at hand, which paired with their witty and eloquent communication styles makes them ideally suited to hold their stance in this fierce friendly rivalry. Add wolf pack leader Mark Finnern (as the host & panel moderator) to that mix and you can be sure that this showdown will be as informative as entertaining to witness…

The line-up

DJ Adams is an enterprise architect, published author and open source programmer, who has been chiming the chord of “breaking free from the stranglehold of complexity of SOAP” as early as 2004 (and hasn’t really stopped to do so ever since!) This appointed (!) alpha-geek has tons of interesting blogs on his Personal website especially in regards to REST – so check it out!

Michael Bechauf is vice president with the SAP Technology Stratey Team and responsible for open standards, open source and technology platform topics. He’s been actively promoting and pushing the usegae of open standards at SAP for years. Recently, he single-handedly turned around the outcome of the emotional “Kiss of Death” debate into a fruitful and positive discussion, which canbe regarded as a role-model for handling such topics in the future.


[Spoiler Warning/Recommended Reading]

Some of you may just want to block the date and enjoy the show. Some however, may feel the urge to ramp-up on the basics to make the most out of the webinar. For the later, here’s a list of recommended reading:

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