Here we go again

Monday night we got together again to have an easy conversation. Unfortunately Anne and Michael couldn’t make it this time, so this time it’s just Sergio, Oliver and yours truly. In a nutshell we talked about various social network tools, gamification and SAP events.

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Sergio just wrote the official announcement blog on SCN here – so this is just a mere x-post.

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5 Responses to [Podcast #02] 2nd Take
  1. Great to see you guys doing a casual SAP enterprise related podcast.

    Regarding gamification, especially in the enterprise, it’s not just about badges, levels, etc, it’s more about the concept that you talked about making leveling interesting. If you look at popular MMOs like World of Warcraft, gamers do boring, mundane quests like go kill 8 of these, or collect 10 of these, or go talk to this dude. They enjoy them not for the quest itself, but for the overall experience and the feeling that they are accomplishing a longer term goal of leveling up their character. Entering your time for the job is no different. No, you aren’t going to make entering time a game within itself, but can you make it part of an overall experience that you don’t mind doing because of some larger task at hand.

    Another example is the “completeness” profile of LinkedIn. Filling out a profile is not interesting, however, there is something competitive in nature that makes me want to fill that damn bar to 100%…gamification of a mundane task.

    I could definitely go and and on about this topic….wait…you know what, I think I will on the next episode of Enterprise Geeks. :)

    Thanks guys!

    • Hi Ed,

      cool and even a little honored to see you step by.

      I see what you mean in regards to gamification, yet I’m still not convinced how to move the concept to the enterprise. To be honest the achievement driven development idea could be a geeky way to promote continuous learning indeed. So that could really be something…

      In regards to time recording. One could expect that I see it as part of my overall experience working for SAP and I do understand the necessity and reasons to do it. Still, I guess it relates to these stupid quests to find 50 items of a kind or the like in games. It sure feels rewarding to leave the office for the weekend afterwards ;)

      Looking forward to the next egeeks episode and to learn more about the egeeks HQ with lazy rivers and the like :)

      Keep it up!

  2. Hey Guys,
    nice podcast with interesting topics. Be aware of SAP Inside Track Milano first time from this podcast. Just registered.
    Will give Jolicloud a try, but I am very happy with Ubuntu Netbook version on my Netbook.

    Keep it up!

  3. Thanks Renald for the positive feedback. :)

    About Jolicloud… I gave it a spin the other day and it was simple and easy. Yet, I just got myself another toy that gets most of my gadget time, so I didn’t use it much.


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