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I’m a software architect working at SAP, a happily married husband and father of three. I am a techie and I find my zen in designing and coding. I love the creativity of programming and the social aspects of web 2.0. I believe in communities and open source. I dig traveling and enjoy global communication. Been skiing & snowboarding since early on. That’s me… besides other things.

What a ride… we sure did come a long way! Or to paraphrase one of Finnern’s most favorite quotes: “Oh, the places we have been!” I still remember my first days in the Mentor program: the introduction rite, the warm welcome and being completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere in the room – full of so many high calibre community members…

Most people think of all the emerging consumer devices when confronted with the topic of ‘Internet of things’ (IoT) and even within the IT business many developers primarily associate microcomputers such as Rasberry PI or Arduino with the term. Others may think of autonomous system like self-driving cars or wearables such as fitness trackers and smart watches. The idea for this blog post was to provide a look behind the curtain (hence, the dark – not directly visible – side) of IoT, so instead of focusing on the billions of devices comprising the internet of things, I’d like to have a closer look on the infrastructure that powers it.