Architect Diary

If you’re working in IT you probably have heard this urban legend of Rapid Application Development frameworks being the silver bullet for delivering great software at unprecedented speed. It’s understandable that the business would love to simplify and accelerate the development of software up to the point where trained monkeys are able to do the […]

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish!” – I guess most if not all of you have heard that famous quote from Steve Jobs last year. And besides all the controversial opinions on his personality there’s one thing that few doubt about him – that he was passionate! Maybe up to an extreme level, yet he had passion for what he did – and it showed!

As always, I’ve been sketching out this blog post on my way back from the HQ. Those of you who know the German Autobahn may agree with me, that – at the right times – the driving experience can still translate with “Fahrvergnügen.” In more ways than not driving the 250km from Walldorf to Cologne reminds me of my days of endurance sports (mostly swimming and running.) If you do that regularly you manage to get into the zone – a state where your body has switched to auto-pilot and just keeps doing its thing. Then, your thoughts can truly lift off and you start reflecting, analyzing and positive projection.

I hope that some of the fellow readers can relate to when I say I have a hard time trying to explain what I do for a living. “Software Architect”… for a lot of people out there that means nothing at all and they just assume I’m sitting in front of a computer all day. But that’s about it… I usually try to map it to the job of a real estate construction architect, which I indeed find a good comparision. Yet, I leave that primer for another blog post – this time I would like to tell a few tales from school :)