It was a monday morning, just briefly after midnight in late January when it happened. At first it didn’t look like a big thing… just a bleeding nose. Nothing to worry about, right? Well, another 30 minutes passed and no matter what we tried the bleeding simply didn’t stop. Alright… maybe it’s just a bursted […]

Once in a while I bump into an old colleague I haven’t met since I switched over to the HANA Cloud Platform team and a common question I keep hearing is: “So, how’s life being a …’cloud evangelist’?” The way they utter the last part of the question tells me all I need to know. In fact, I got used to facing such reactions whenever I state my current role…

Today’s blog post is an extended transcript of my presentation The Cloud Platform Play presented at JAX 2013 which deals with with three major topics: developers (as the primary users of PaaS), cloud platforms (as a means to make software development more agile and cost efficient), getting started (as a call to action to get familiar with PaaS).