I find myself  in conversations about social media and its implications occasionally. And I mean: off-the-web, real-life discussions. Usually one of the pivot points is about whether or not it is a ‘good idea‘ to expose too many information about oneself to public. Many are afraid of becoming completely transparent to the “system”

For whatever reason my blog posts about social media (#socmed) have started to share a common thing: they were all responses to other people’s blog. Thinking about it for a few moments you understand that’s not too surprising though as being social implies that you are interacting (as in socializing). 

All in one Today I’m up for something new. That’s just one of my credos when it comes to social media, blogging and the use of Twitter – try something new every day. It’s a great learning experience. Last week I found myself in an ongoing discussions about dos and don’ts on Twitter. We talked […]

Re: the-top-five-dos-and-donts-for-tweeters/ During a coffee break I stumbled across a blog post by Natascha Thomson on her B2B marketing blog and wanted to reply right away. Yet, instead of writing a lengthy comment I opted for replying to her on my own blog – continuing our interchange on social media. In fact, Natascha was among the […]