Yearly Archives: 2012

Those who have been following my recent whereabouts know that I’ve been looking into turning a SAP UI5 mockup project created with the upcoming AppDesigner into a working application by connecting it to the SAP Mobile Platform – Cloud Edition (for more details please refer to Jens Koerner ‘s recent blog.)

If you’re working in IT you probably have heard this urban legend of Rapid Application Development frameworks being the silver bullet for delivering great software at unprecedented speed. It’s understandable that the business would love to simplify and accelerate the development of software up to the point where trained monkeys are able to do the […]

As stated in the first post of my “Essentials” series it’s all about lowering the entry barrier and helping newbies to get started with SAP NetWeaver Cloud. So, in this blog post I quickly want to provide you with the ‘bare necessities’ to install the required tooling for Git and Maven for Eclipse in order […]